Provide direct, contact, outings, and events for Veterans and Caregivers



is where this all began……

Conversation between Rob Endsley, Penny Shelton and Randy Shelton about hosting Veterans and Active-Duty Military for fishing. Rob is a retired Washington State River fishing guide and Randy is an Army Veteran. Penny tagged the name of Salmon for Soldiers on it and off it went. 

The beginning was very informal. The first several months were meetings with the local fishing community and fishing organizations to leverage support. 

The first milestone was held on August 10, 2013 with a large number of attendees for a one-day event at the Port of Everett. We had 77 Volunteer boaters with 125 Veterans in attendance.

By late 2013 we had established a more formal board of directors along with necessary Insurance coverage. A complete history of minutes has been kept.


We were formally incorporated as a Non-profit and Corporation through the IRS and State of Washington in 2014. That felt like we were getting some traction.

In early 2014 we began exploring hosting Veterans on professionally guided trips in the local area. One of our first was with Darrell Johnson with Far Corners Adventures. Great success!

The 2014 Day of Honor hosted over 400 folks for a day on the water.


Guided trips began ramping up in 2015. Seven guided trips were scheduled for the year while being able to host 27 Veterans. These trips along with the Day of Honor reached an audience of nearly 500 Veterans.

In August of 2015, we were able to sponsor 2 Veterans to an all-expenses paid fishing trip in Alaska.


2016 saw a sharp increase in guided trips. 20 trips in all! Between the trips and the Day of Honor, Salmon for Soldiers hosted nearly 600.

2016 saw an increase to 6 that were able to fish in Alaska! That number rose to 8 in 2019 and again to 12 in 2020 where it remains today.


2017 guided trips increased to 27 ranging from salmon, halibut, bottom fish, lingcod and more. With yet another Day of Honor, we were able to host nearly 800.

2018 +

2018 to 2023 The number of guided trips will fluctuate from year to year. Our programs have increased to include a Women’s Outreach, Northwest Washington Outreach along with the Day of Honor and the Sekiu Summer Salmon Slam. Salmon for Soldiers hosts in excess of 700 Veterans and Active-Duty members each year.

We host a Day of Honor each year at the Port of Everett. Several hundred participate on an annual basis. Volunteer boaters attend and are the backbone of the program.


2023 was our 10th event with participation from 100 Volunteer Boaters.

At present, we are part of the Seattle Seahawks Task Force 12.

Salmon for Soldiers is expanding into Florida and Idaho.

Long range vision is to expand Outreach areas throughout the nation.

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